PACRIM Robotics – Pyeloplasty

At the Pacific Rim Robotics Conference last month there was a session on robotic pyeloplasty. It was held on Saturday afternoon, the last day of the conference, and featured a lecture by Dr. Elspeth McDougall and a live broadcast of the operation from UC Irvine performed by Dr. Ralph Clayman. Dr. McDougall described the operation as they perform it at UCI and then showed their results in about a half dozen cases, including a bilateral pyeloplasty in a horseshoe kidney. The outcomes were at least as good as with open, laparoscopic or endoscopic pyeloplasty techniques. The steps that she described in her lecture were those that we would see Dr. Clayman follow in the live demo that was presented imediately after her talk. I was interested because I have done about a half dozen or more myself and my partner has done several as well.

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Robotic Pyeloplasty and Endoscopic Stone retrieval

I was recently faced with a case of a right sided UPJ stenosis with good renal preservation and two 5 mm stones in the upper pole. Having done at least a half dozen robotic pyeloplasties I felt that that would be the appropriate treatment for the UPJ but was not sure how to address the stones. I did not want to leave them in place and have to address them later. A separate percutaneous nephrostolithotomy seemed like overkill for the size of the stones. A PNL could be combined with an antegrade endopyelotomy, but the stones were in upper pole calyces and the combined procedure might require two separate entry points for adequate access (lower pole entry point to reach the upper-pole and a mid- or upper-pole entry point to reach the UPJ).

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