Excellent medical blog- From an excellent hospital’s CEO

Running a hospital blog entry:
da Vinci Uncoded — or, Surgical Robots

Here you have it folks — the problem facing every hospital, and
especially every academic medical center. Do I spend over $1 million on
a machine that has no proven incremental value for patients, so that our
doctors can become adept at using it and stay up-to-date with the “state
of the art”, so that I can then spend more money marketing it, and so
that I can protect profitable market share against similar moves by my

This entry caught my attention since it discussed robotic surgery.
It is from the blog of the CEO at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston. He seems to have put together an excellent blog and I look forward to following his decision to purchase or not purchase the robot.

2 thoughts on “Excellent medical blog- From an excellent hospital’s CEO

  1. Paul

    Hi: Dr. Dommo: Hope all is well. I saw the stuff or lack of stuff for Beth Israel Deaconess in Bean Town related to robotics. Hmmm. If a provider wants to know, particuarly a hospital about economics, let me know. Best regard, Paul

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