Loosing weight may help prevent prostate cancer

Study ties weight loss to prostate cancer risk | Chicago Tribune
Study ties weight loss to prostate cancer risk
By Daniel Yee
Associated Press
Published December 27, 2006
“”ATLANTA — A new study has found that losing weight reduces the risk of an aggressive form of prostate cancer.
After tracking the weight of nearly 70,000 men between 1982 and 1992, researchers from the American Cancer Society and the Duke University Prostate Center found that men who lost more than 11 pounds had a lower risk for aggressive prostate cancer than men whose weight remained the same over a decade.””
Multiple studies have shown that obese men have higher risks of more aggressive prostate cancer. This study shows that men may lower their risk of developing aggressive prostate cancer by loosing weight.
Men should also remember that their risk of dying from heart disease is usually higher than their risk of dying from prostate cancer after they have been diagnosed with cancer.
I also think that things that prevent prostate cancer may slow down recurrent cancer.