Message to my LA Gaming Esports Community

As the Coronavirus spreads throughout the world, I’m sure that most of you are worried.  

I think it’s time to let you know my real identity.  I am 48 and have 4 kids in school, 2 in public schools in New Jersey and freshman in 2 New Jersey schools- Stevens Institute and NJIT.

I graduated from Cooper Union in 1993 near the top of my class with a BS in Engineering and then from Medical School in NY.  I spent 6 years in Indiana to train in Urology and Cancer surgery and have been practicing as a Urologist and Robotic Cancer Surgeon.  

I have been researching the coronavirus since it was in China and I have counseled public (government) and private leaders in NJ.

I’d like to bring some calm to our community to let you know most people will be OK and recover, but many people will become sick and many people will not live through this pandemic.  The most important way that all people can help is to try to avoid other people. When the virus gets into a new person it can spread and we can give it to our parents and grandparents or elderly neighbors.  My partner Joel (jmf) and our team are working on ways to help our gaming community with a plan to expand our community to follow.

You can learn more about me and can educate friends and family at my website:

That website includes  a live town hall with my NJ Assemblyman Jon Bramnick at 7PM on 3/17 that can be watched on:

Live town with Assemblyman Bramnick

I have a facebook group that people can join and contribute to, as can anyone they know:

SIgn my petition for all people of the world to do their part: We can stop the spread of the virus by avoiding contact with people as much as possible.  I still work as a doctor which is an essential service, so some people still will need to work. So if you have to work or your parents have to work, pray for the best.

Petition to self isolate

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