Prostate Cancer: Surgery for locally advanced prostate cancer

Prostatectomy Effective for SV-Negative Locally Advanced Prostate Cancer

beige_quote.bmpAt a mean follow-up of 37.2 months (median, 21.2 months), the pT3 (pT3a plus pT3b) patients’ overall and disease-specific 10-year survival rates were 77% and 92%, respectively, and at 15 years, 52% and 75%. These results are similar to those of previous studies for overall survival of patients with advanced prostate cancer who undergo radical prostatectomy.
However, in the present study, Dr. Suttmann said, “The main issue is that you have 10-year disease-specific survival for those with pT3a of 92%, which is probably as much as those with pT2 tumors, while disease-specific survival is much worse for those who have pT3b disease, and so have seminal vesicle involvement.”
Although Dr. Suttmann indicated that they had not included any specific analysis for prognostic factors, he said, “We would still conclude that radical prostatectomy [with or without hormonal therapy] is a pretty good therapeutic option for those with pT3 disease.

An important point in this study is that even patients with seminal vesicle invasion had a decent cure rate.