Robotic Surgery Growth in New Jersey: Essex county

This is a monthly update on the growth of Robotic Surgery in my practice.
Due to a variety of reasons, this month was my slowest robotic surgical month of the last 7. 2 months ago I explained that I have been restricting use of the da vinci robot to prostate surgery. I am happy to report that our da Vinci S has found a new home in a state of the art laparoscopic suite and our da Vinci standard is back in its old room, waiting for the completion of our last 2 new ORs.
In April I performed 9 robotic operations. One was possibly the worlds first robotic bladder diverticulectomy. The other 8 were da Vinci Prostatectomies. To date I have performed 130 robotic operations

The main highlight was reaching a robotic milestone: My 100th da Vinci prostatectomy.
Highlights of the 1st 100 cases:
Time to reach 100 cases- 1 year, 4 months, 15 days
Age range: 40-74 years old.
Heaviest patient: 290 pounds.
Biggest prostate: 175 grams.
Hardest operation: 1) 280 pound patient who had prior open bladder surgery. He regained erectile function in 3 weeks.
2) 160 gm prostate in a 265 pound patient.
Fastest operation (robot time only): 80 minutes 3 times- most recently in a patient with previous laparoscopic hernia repair with mesh.
Earliest catheter removal: 3 days.
Shortest hospital stay: 11 hours.
Other procedures performed at the same time: 10 robotic inguinal hernia repairs, 3 umbilical hernia repairs, 1 ventral hernia repair.