Robotic Surgery Summary- June 06: focus: performing general surgery operations at the time of robotic prostatectomy

This is a monthly update on the growth of Robotic Surgery in my practice.
In June I performed 18 robotic operations. 17 were daVinci prostatetcomies for prostate cancer and 1 was a robotic nephro-ureterectomy. The total number of robotic prostatectomies is 129 and robotic operations is 165.
At the time of my robotic prostatectomies, my team also performed a robotic gallbladder removal in 1 patient and 3 robotic inguinal hernia repairs.

The highlights included our teams first robotic gallbladder removal at the time of dvP. We had to reposition the robot, but used the same draping for our patient. He did very well postoperatively.
We also performed 3 hernia repairs this month at the same time of dvP. One of the patients also had bladder stones that were removed at the same setting with the daVinci robot. All 3 were discharged home the day following surgery.