Side effects of radiation for prostate cancer

Out of the
group of 510 patients, who responded to the side effect section, 299
patients (59%) stated that there had been side effects and 211 patients
(41%) stated that none had occurred. The following side effects were
mentioned: leakage (17%), alguria (14%), diarrhoea (13%), voiding
dysfunctions with residual urine (12%), proctitis (10%),urinary
incontinence (6%), urethral stricture (5%), cystitis (3%), anal
incontinence (3%), evolution of fistulas (1%), retention (1%). 123
patients made a reply on their degree of potency. In total 123 patients
reported erectile dysfunction (ED); 24 (8% out of 299)of these had a
preoperatively existing ED prior to BT. 99 patients (33% of 299) reported
a newly occurred ED post BT treatment


AUA Abstract 1137-

This abstract was retrospective and only 1/8 of patients commented on erections, but there are obvious side effects with radiation that urologists should discuss with their patients.