Surgery Offers Prostate Cancer Patients Better Survival Odds

Prostate cancer patients with clinically localized tumors are more likely to die if they undergo radiotherapy rather than radical prostatectomy.

Radiotherapy for clinically-localized prostate cancer (PCa) is associated with an increased risk of overall and PCa-specific mortality compared with radical prostatectomy, according to a new systematic review and meta-analysis.

Dr. Nam’s group stated that, to their knowledge, their study represents the most comprehensive and up-to-date review of the literature comparing survival outcomes associated with radiotherapy and surgery.

Source: Surgery Offers Prostate Cancer Patients Better Survival Odds


This issue is frequently asked by patients.  In the short run, surgery and radiation are both effective at controlling prostate cancer.  Over time, most studies have shown that prostate cancer surgery is more effective than radiation at curing cancer.

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