Surgical volume related to cancer cure rates after prostate cancer surgery

UroToday – AUA 2007 – The Effect of Surgical Volume on the Rate of Seconday Treatment After Radical Prostatectomy

They conclude that surgical volume is a determinant of treatment-failure when evidenced by the use of secondary therapies. Surgeons performing 24 RPs per year had the lowest rate of secondary treatment use.

This study out of Germany, Canada, and Italy looked at patients chances of needing further therapy after open prostatectomy. Surgeons varied from performing only 1 surgery per year to 57 in the last year.
The results for the higher volume surgeons were better than the lower volume surgeons. This data is for open surgery and even the busiest surgeons were only performing about 1 per week. I think the data for robotics will be similar. I wonder if surgeons like myself who do about 4 per week and surgeons that are even busier like Dr. Patel (over 400 a year) will compare.