Impact of Accessory Pudendal Arteries on Potency Following Robot-Assisted Prostatectomy

Source: UroToday from 2008 Wold Congress of Endourology

  • After multivariate analysis there was no significance with sacrificing an APA and time of potency recovery. There was no correlation with sacrificing an APA and postoperative quality of erections (94% vs 90% p=0.30) or mean IIEF-5 (22.4 vs 20.7 p=0.11).
  • As one of the few reports regarding anomalous venous anatomy during robotic prostatectomy, this study found no correlation between APAs and preoperative potency. Additionally the authors found no correlation between sacrificing APAs and 24-month potency return. The authors concluded that they found no effect on the time to return of potency, quality of erections or mean IIEF-5 scores at 24 months.

This is the first study that I have seen that addresses return of sexual function in men with accessory pudendal arteries. This is an extra artery that brings blood to the genital area that travels very close to the prostate and through the DVC (vein that brings blood back from the penis).

I usually try saving these arteries and usually I am successful, but it is good to know it may not be a big deal to transect it if necessary.