Statins make radiation more effective at curing prostate cancer, study suggests

Statins Make Radiation More Effective at Curing Prostate Cancer, Study Suggests

ScienceDaily (Mar. 25, 2011) — Men with high-risk prostate cancer who take statin drugs commonly used to lower cholesterol while receiving radiation therapy are less likely to have their cancer return than patients who do not take these medications, according to a study published in the March issue of the International Journal of Radiation Oncology•Biology•Physics, an official journal of the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO).

via Statins make radiation more effective at curing prostate cancer, study suggests.

Statins are a class of cholesterol lowering medicines that have been shown to prevent many diseases including heart disease.

There have been studies that show a benefit in prostate cancer prevention and recurrence rates.

A friend of mine, and in my opinion the world’s leading authority on clinical applications of supplements and medicines for prostate cancer prevention, Dr. Mark Moyad, is in the process at looking at statins in patients on active surveillance for prostate cancer to see if it will slow the progression of disease in these patients.

Vitamin D doesn’t cut prostate cancer risk

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U.S. National Cancer Institute researchers set out to see if vitamin D might protect against prostate cancer, the second most frequently diagnosed cancer in men worldwide. They tracked vitamin D concentrations in the blood of 749 men diagnosed with prostate cancer and 781 men who did not have the disease.
They found no association between higher levels of the vitamin and a reduced prostate cancer risk. The findings hinted at a possible increased risk for aggressive prostate cancer in men with higher blood concentration of vitamin D, but this link was not statistically significant, the researchers said.

This one study did not reveal any benefit from Vitamin D. There have been others that do show a benefit. This is why it is important to continue to do studies and use scientific method to assess things.

I ask patients to take a multivitamin a day, but not extra Vitamin D.

A recipe for reducing your risk of getting prostate cancer or lowering your risk of a recurrenc

Dietary changes may reduce prostate cancer risk, raise PSADT – Expert recommends ‘active holistic surveillance,’ including low-fat diet, supplements – UrologyTimes

For patients at low risk for developing the disease, Dr. Katz recommended using the term “active holistic surveillance” instead of “watchful waiting.” This involves instructing patients to adhere to the following dietary modifications:
* Switch to a low-fat diet.
* Increase intake of fresh vegetables and lycopene.
* Supplement your diet with soy products, vitamin E, and selenium.
* Drink pomegranate juice and two to four cups of green tea daily.

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Higher cholesterol may lead to more aggressive prostate cancer

Prostate Cancer Treatment and Symptoms > Prostate Cancer and Association With Plasma Cholesterol: “Prostate cancer patients who had lower levels of cholesterol in their blood had a significantly reduced chance of developing more aggressive forms of the disease, compared to patients with higher cholesterol readings.
These findings may help explain the earlier discovery, reported by the same team of researchers at the AACR annual meeting in 2005, that men who used statin drugs experienced half the risk of developing advanced prostate cancer.”
A basic principal for a healthy prostate was taught to me by an expert in preventive medicine, Dr. Mark Moyad, (University of Michigan): What is healthy for the heart is usually healthy for the prostate.