Watchful waiting vs. definitive therapy

UroToday – What is the Best Approach for Screen-Detected Low Volume Cancers?
What is the Best Approach for Screen-Detected Low Volume Cancers?
BETHESDA, MD (SUO 7th Annual Meeting – December 1-2, 2006:NIH) – In a session moderated by Dr. Eric Klein, Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Laurence Klotz, University of Toronto presented the “The Case for Observation”.
My patients know where I stand on this. I am certainly on the side of Drs. Blute (Mayo Clinic) and Montie (University of Michigan) favoring radical prostatectomy.

Genetics and inherited prostate cancer risk

Prostate Cancer: Major Genetic Risk Factor Found: “Harvard Medical School researchers have identified a DNA segment on chromosome 8 that is a major risk factor for prostate cancer, especially in African American men. The paper appears in the August electronic edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (also see PNAS’s
news tip below).

‘This paper identifies a genetic risk factor that about
doubles the likelihood of prostate cancer in younger African American
men,’ says principal investigator David Reich, PhD, Harvard Medical School
assistant professor of genetics with the HMS Department of Genetics and
the Broad Institute. ‘This finding may explain why younger African
Americans have an increased risk for prostate cancer than do other
populations–and may also explain why this increased risk in African
Americans attenuates with older age.'”

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