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  • An interview with MD Advisor

    I recently gave an interview to the MD Advisor. We discussed some of the recent safety concerns with robotic surgery and the daVinci robot. Some of the important points that we discussed are: Robotic surgery is performed by a surgeon and is not automated. Experienced surgeons have less complications that inexperienced surgeons. Robotic surgery magnification…

  • Robotic surgery on 30 Medical Minutes

    Dr. Savatta has been performing urologic surgery since 1997. He started performing robotic surgery for prostate cancer in 2004 and then progressed from laparoscopic and open surgery to robotic surgery for most of his urologic surgery. He was honored to be a guest on 30 Medical Minutes to describe and demonstrate robotic surgery.

  • Intuitive Surgical releases facts about robotic surgery

    Facts_about_daVinci_Surgery I received a correspondence from intuitive surgical that shows the growth in prostatectomies and hysterectomies (benign and malignant). It describes how there have been over 1.5 million robotic surgeries performed in the last 10 years and the low complication rate. I attached the pdf.

  • Partial Nephrectomy Offers Better Renal Preservation, Survival – Renal and Urology News

    The median follow-up for patients still alive at the last follow-up was 8.3 years. The estimated overall survival rates at 10 and 15 years were 69% and 53%, respectively, for RN compared with 80% and 74%, respectively, following PN. Compared with PN-treated patients, patients who underwent RN were 75% more likely to die from any…

  • Saint Clare’s Hospital Celebrates Facility Opening – Hopatcong, NJ Patch

    Additionally, real-time integrated video and communications systems from Black Diamond Video will place Saint Clare’s in the company of renowned health care organizations with the same technology, such as Cleveland Clinic, Duke, Mass General and Yale, among other select hospitals nationally. via Saint Clare’s Hospital Celebrates Facility Opening – Hopatcong, NJ Patch.   I have…

  • Robotic prostate surgery: a health care conundrum

    Patients in Vancouver will be asked to pay a fee if they opt for robotic surgery for prostate cancer over conventional surgery. This is an important change in the way healthcare is usually paid for in Canada.

  • Laparoscopic nephroureterectomy for TCC of the ureter or renal pelvis

    This review of an article by one of the founders of laparoscopic urology shows that with one of the common laparoscopic method to remove a kidney, ureter, and bladder cuff for transitional cell caner of the upper urinary tract lining there seems to be a higer recurrence rate and positive margins. Our current technique is…

  • Robotic failure during surgery

    Robot failure during radical prostatectomies is ‘extremely rare’ – Failure rates will continue to shrink as technology advances – UrologyTimes The study team recorded critical failures in 20 cases (0.3%) leading to the cancellation of 10 procedures and conversion to laparoscopic in one case and to open procedure in nine cases. Recoverable failures were more…

  • Robotic surgery coming to Edmonton

    edmontonsun.com – Edmonton News – $10M fundraiser in Edmonton aims to help combat prostate cancer An Edmonton hospital is tackling prostate cancer with a $10-million fundraiser to open a prostate health clinic, purchase a robotic surgery system and increase its research fund. Fundraising will likely bring another robotic system to Canda.

  • 3 experts discuss their experience with robotic surgery

    Symposium: Robotic surgery in urology: Hype, hope, and reality – Modern Medicine Community urologists who want to learn this must have an adequate volume of cases, at least 20 prostatectomies a year, and it probably will take 20 or 30 procedures before they are comfortable. For someone doing less than 20 cases a year, it…