The state of telesurgery and technology in medicine

Telemedicine: Proven results and promise for the future – With recent advances in telecommunications and surgical robotics, telemedicine is poised to increase the efficiency of urologic practices and bring access to specialists and surgeons to even the most rural communities. – Modern Medicine

The future of telesurgery and telementoring. As telecommunications and robotic technology continue to advance, telesurgery is likely to take on a more prominent role in urologic practice. Citing an emerging body of literature supporting the idea of a correlation between a surgeon’s level of experience and clinical outcomes, many advocate the centralization of surgical care to centers of excellence. Telesurgery has the potential to play a significant role in this process, allowing for such centralization while obviating the need for patients to travel great distances to obtain such levels of care.
Much like the introduction of the telephone and email to the practice of medicine, the introduction of more sophisticated technology has been met with skepticism and concerns over quality of care. However, just as the telephone has become pivotal in the rapid and effective transmission of medical information, advanced telemedicine is likely to become part of routine urologic practice.

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