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  • Smokers have increased risk of bladder cancer after radiation therapy for prostate cancer

    A presentation at the AUA Western section meeting was reviewed in the Urology Times November 2005 issue: UT article: Smokers face higher risk of TCC after radiation Patients that have a history of smoking are 13 more likely to get bladder cancer (transitional cell cancer) after radiation as compared to patients who get radiation and […]

  • The Robotic Operating Room

    1. What does an operating room need to house a da Vinci robot? 2. What staff are required?

  • Robotic Surgery Growth

    We started our robotic surgery program at Newark Beth Israel Hospital on Dec. 13th, 2004. Our 9 man group decided to let one person do all of the robotic surgery. Since I had the best combination of open and laparoscopic surgical skils, as well as strong cancer training from a 6 year residency at Indiana […]

  • da Vinci reliability

    For all the advanced features for the da Vinci surgical system it is surprisingly reliable.

  • How may robotic prostate surgeries have you done?

    This is one of the most common questions I am asked. Patients want to know if their surgeon is qualified to do a procedure. I always answer this question honestly and to the best of my knowledge. With robotic cases I keep accurate data on outcomes and can answer this precisely. I then add “How […]

  • JCO Review article: RALP: Are there advantages

    Dr. Smith at Vanderbilt offers a concise review of the current literature on robotic assisted prostatectomy. Click for abstract. Laparoscopic (with a focus on Robotic-assisted) vs. open RRP was reviewed.

  • da Vinci hot shears

    I use the da Vinci hot shears in my dominant (right) hand. I find it useful to take down adhesions from the sigmoid to the pelvis by cutting. It provides excellent hemostasis by using cautery for the bladder neck or seminal vesicles, and is an excellent scissor to open the endopelvic fascia and to release […]

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