A recipe for reducing your risk of getting prostate cancer or lowering your risk of a recurrenc

Dietary changes may reduce prostate cancer risk, raise PSADT – Expert recommends ‘active holistic surveillance,’ including low-fat diet, supplements – UrologyTimes

For patients at low risk for developing the disease, Dr. Katz recommended using the term “active holistic surveillance” instead of “watchful waiting.” This involves instructing patients to adhere to the following dietary modifications:
* Switch to a low-fat diet.
* Increase intake of fresh vegetables and lycopene.
* Supplement your diet with soy products, vitamin E, and selenium.
* Drink pomegranate juice and two to four cups of green tea daily.

This was a summary that Dr. Aaron Katz gave at the winter urologic forum. There is also a nice table in this article that explains why some of these things may help protect against prostate cancer. Consult your own urologist as to the benefit of any of these therapies for you and the proper dosing.
The article also points out how things that help prevent cancer will likey help prevent a recurrence as well.