The treatment of benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) has changed dramatically over the last few years. Medicines have reduced the size of the prostate and reduced the need for surgery.

Many minimally invasive prostate procedures have been developed including TUNA, TUMT (microwave), and laser prostatectomy. TURP remains the gold standard for treatment of BPH, although most prostates that are under 80 grams can be treated with newer treatments. Dr. Savatta has been performing urolift and rezum since 2016.

For prostates that are too big for a successful long term options there have been few choices. Laser enucleation (HOLEP) has been performed in a few centers of excellence, but is difficult to master. 

The treatment of choice for very large prostates is the Robotic Simple Prostatectomy. This operation is similar to the open suprapubic prostatectomy for BPH, but has significantly less blood loss, a shorter hospital stay, and a quicker recovery.  This operation removes the inner part of the prostate that is responsible for the blockage.  Hospital stays and blood loss have been drastically reduced from switching from the open to the robotic version of the operation.  I have been performing a reconstructive surgery as part of this operation for some patients to help patients recover faster.

I have one of the world’s largest series of this complex operation. Patients have traveled from outside the country to have him perform this operation.