Adrenal surgery: right vs left

I have performed several robotic adrenalectomies and about a dozen laparoscopic adrenalectomies. I have had excellent results with robotic and lap, and have not had any trouble with either the right of the left side.
There is a study from China that concludes that right or left laparoscopic adrenalectomies are similar in outcomes.
I have several issues with this. I am fairly certain that the surgeons were experienced based on the results. Looking at retrospective data on this can lead to a false conclusion. The right side should be quicker since there is less tissue to mobilize, but often takes me the same time due to the extra care in isolating and controlling the right adrenal vein. I feel the right side are more difficult. I am still performing most of these laparoscopically because the endocrinologists that refer them only have privileges at a non-robotic hospital.
I especially like doing these robotically, as the robotic arms give you more flexibility with the enodwristed instruments.