Article comparing surgery v. radiation v. watchful waiting

Key Highlights:
3,159 men studied
15 years long-term follow-up data
Primary data end point – Death, not PSA Recurrence
Weighted & Adjusted Outcomes in all Cohorts
Patients Treated with Radical Prostatectomy or Radiotherapy shown to live longer than patients in the Watchful Waiting Category
Overall Survival Rate is in favor of Radical Prostatectomy vs. Radiotherapy vs. Watchful Waiting (65%, 50%, 35% respectfully)
** The increased survival duration was 8.6 years for Radical Prostatectomy vs. 4.6 years for Radiotherapy (An 87% difference in favor of Radical Prostatectomy)

Tewari, Raman, Chang, Rao, Divine, Menon Urology 68 1268-1274, 2006
I haven’t had a chance to read the article itself. The number of patients studied suggests the results are meaningful.