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The Hudson Reporter – Science fiction surgery showcased
Robotic medical technology on display in Secaucus

“I used to do a lot of open surgery operations,” he said. “Once I learned how to use the robot, I became able to do most of my big operations, including prostate cancer operations, in a way that is minimally invasive. With smaller incisions, there is a lot less pain for patients, as well as a quicker recovery. ”
We had our train visits with the daVinci S last week.
I was at the Newark Penn Station on Wednesday and we had a nice crowd stop by and try the daVinci S.

Newark Beth Israel chosen for beta tests for daVinci upgrades

I had the opportunity to beta test the newest additions to the daVinci S robot.
The engineers have done an excellent job with minor upgrades.
The 4th pedal which had been empty was fitted with a bipolar pedal. This was a nice much awaited for addition that will make setup much easier as we had been taping a pedal over this.
The camera attachment was upgraded to an easier to click in piece. This didn’t add much for my team, but will make it easier for new teams.
My favorite upgrade was a John Madden type drawing feature on the patient side screen or a non-sterile screen on the cart. I termed this the “robo-strator”. This works by allowing a surgeon not on the robot to draw on the screen and having this image seen by the operating console surgeon. An excellent teaching tool that will be a must have for all centers with residents or fellows. I had some thoughts on how to upgrade this such as adding suture needles into the display.
There were also some minor console such as how to engage the robotic masters (joysticks).
Overall, I was pleased with each of the additions. The one upgrade I didn’t see yet was an arm on the patient side screen to lower it to a more user-friendly level.

Robotic Kidney removal: Robotic Growth Sep 2006

Robotic surgery growth chart
In September I performed 15 robotic operations.
We had a patient that travelled the farthest to date to have surgery at Newark Beth Israel. He came from Italy for a robotic prostatectomy and flew home after 15 days with minimal problems.
I also performed 6 kidney operations for cancer. One was removing part of a kidney, 4 were removing the whole kidney and 1 involved removing a kidney, ureter, and part of a bladder.
The latter operation truly showed how useful robotic surgery can be. The gentleman is 80 years old and was very anemic to start with. He had prior surgery and radiation in areas that needed to be removed. He was also very anemic and was able to go home 3 days after the surgery without prescription pain pills and without needing a blood transfusion. Prior to robotics I would have done the bladder part of the operation open which would have meant a blood transfusion and a longer hospital stay.

AUA Live Telecast Summary

On Monday, May 22nd, I performed a live telecast from Newark Beth Israel to the American Urologic Association Conference in Atlanta of a dvP. This was my first live telecast of a surgical procedure.

Our case was a success. The patient did very well and was discharged within 24 hours with minimal pain.

The robotic time was 80 minutes for the procedure.

I would like to thank my team at NBI and the administration for the support, as well as intuitive surgical and their engineers for helping to make the telecast go without a glitch.
I am hopeful to get a copy of the video/audio feed to stream on my website.
Some points about the procedure that were discussed:

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