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  • PROGRESS- Starting Single Port surgery at my main hospital

    I am very analytic and came up with the PROGRESS method of planning for success. PROGRESS- Mapping out a strategic journey from self-awareness to goal realization, considering both personal aspirations and practical limitations. 1.  Perception: Reflecting on your current position and circumstances 2.  Realities: Understanding the external environment and future forecasts 3.  Objectives: Defining clear…

  • Endoscopic simple prostatectomy – Abstract

    Endoscopic simple prostatectomy – Abstract. This review looked at minimally invasive treatments for patients that have urinary obstruction from very large patients. Traditionally open surgery was done since procedures done through the natural urinary opening often did not have goo long term results. Laparoscopic adenomectomy (LA) and robotic-assisted simple prostatectomy (RASP) have been performed for…

  • An interview with MD Advisor

    I recently gave an interview to the MD Advisor. We discussed some of the recent safety concerns with robotic surgery and the daVinci robot. Some of the important points that we discussed are: Robotic surgery is performed by a surgeon and is not automated. Experienced surgeons have less complications that inexperienced surgeons. Robotic surgery magnification…

  • Robotic surgery on 30 Medical Minutes

    Dr. Savatta has been performing urologic surgery since 1997. He started performing robotic surgery for prostate cancer in 2004 and then progressed from laparoscopic and open surgery to robotic surgery for most of his urologic surgery. He was honored to be a guest on 30 Medical Minutes to describe and demonstrate robotic surgery.

  • Robotic Nephrectomy –conducted by Dr. Domenico Savatta – YouTube

    This was the first live televised kidney surgery. I performed it at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center in May of 2007. We telecasted it to Anaheim at the Intuitive Surgical display at the AUA national meeting.

  • Intuitive Surgical releases facts about robotic surgery

    Facts_about_daVinci_Surgery I received a correspondence from intuitive surgical that shows the growth in prostatectomies and hysterectomies (benign and malignant). It describes how there have been over 1.5 million robotic surgeries performed in the last 10 years and the low complication rate. I attached the pdf.

  • Safe removal of the urethral catheter 2 days following laparoscopic radical prostatectomy – Abstract | Prostate Cancer | UroToday | Urology Information

    Results:Of the 114 patients who underwent laparoscopic prostatectomy, 64 56% were deemed suitable for removal of catheter on second postoperative day prior to discharge. The first 20 patients selected for early removal of urethral catheter were covered with a suprapubic catheter inserted at the time of surgery. Out of 64 patients deemed suitable for early…

  • Mass. bill would allow videotaping of surgeries –

    BOSTON – Massachusetts lawmakers are considering a bill that would give patients the right to have their operations videotaped if they pay for it. The measure would let licensed medical videographers tape the procedures. They would not have to be in the operating room at the time. A copy of the surgery would be given…

  • Robotic prostate surgery: a health care conundrum

    Patients in Vancouver will be asked to pay a fee if they opt for robotic surgery for prostate cancer over conventional surgery. This is an important change in the way healthcare is usually paid for in Canada.