Coronavirus: My weekly review

3/21 Update- #WhatDidYouDo when the world stopped in 2020

This is the 22nd day of my preparedness and attempt to educate everyone about the coronavirus. I am trying to update people about the reality that we are likely about to face.

I have counseled countless people, patients, friends, and leaders of the private and public sectors. I’m going to try to get my doctors office ready for the new normal that will follow the original 4-6 week surge in cases.

More schools are shutting (at least 124 countries have shut down all schools), and more countries are closing down their borders and shutting down elective services.

Source and get the timeline:

unesco- school closures

The White House has asked that bars and restaurants close, and to not hold gatherings of more than 10 people. This shouldn’t mean that people should try to stay at 10 people. All people should try to limit exposure to others. We need to prevent anyone who has coronavirus to spread it to someone else (many people don’t know they have it). It is easy to catch. Also wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water.

SIgn my petition for people of the world to do their part: We can stop the spread of the virus by avoiding contact with people as much as possible. I still work as a doctor which is an essential service, so some people still will need to work. So if you have to work or your parents have to work, pray for the best.

Petition to self isolate

My data shows we are 11 days behind Italy and we are already on the upslope of the exponential curve which can’t be bent for 14 days until after we make changes. Sources and live links are below.

Cases and deaths in US, Italy,Spain,France,Germany,NJ,NY,CT

I endorse these articles that explain the science about the spread of the coronavirus and how long things will take to stop the initial spread. Find the petition to the White House at the top of the second document which I signed.

Thomaspueyo- coronavirus-act-today-or-people-will-die

Tomaspueyo- coronavirus-the-hammer-and-the-dance

My gaming company: I’d like to bring some calm to my social media family and my gaming community, Legendary Alliance Gaming, (LA Gaming) to let you know most people will be OK and recover, but many people will become sick and many people will not live through this pandemic. The most important way that all people can help is to try to avoid other people. When the virus gets into a new person it can spread and we can give it to our parents and grandparents or elderly neighbors. My partner Joel (jmf) and our team are working on ways to help our gaming community with a plan to expand our community to follow.

Twitter: @LAEsportsOP

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You can learn more about me and can educate friends and family at my website:

Dr. Savatta’s website

That website includes a live town hall with my NJ Assemblyman Jon Bramnick at 7PM on 3/17 that can be watched on:

Town Hall with Assembly Bramnick

I have a facebook group that people can join and contribute to, as can anyone they know:

Lets learn from the Chinese on how to stop the pandemic in the short term- SHUT DOWN AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE:

Countries that I have been following that have not taken precautions early enough: Spain is 5 days behind Italy, France 8 days, Germany 9 days, and the USA 11 days. It takes 14 days for changes made today to have an impact.

The data can be seen with daily cases at:

Italy Coronavirus: 53,578 Cases and 4,825 Deaths

Updates from around the world:

John Hopkins data for new cases and deaths: