‘End of Controversy’: Robotic Prostatectomy Is Winner

A new national database study shows that the high-tech approach improves oncologic outcomes; this prompted a grand declaration from an expert.

Source: ‘End of Controversy’: Robotic Prostatectomy Is Winner

“Robotic prostatectomy has superior or at least equal oncologic efficacy and complication rates compared to open prostatectomy,” writes Michael O. Koch, MD, from the Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis. “I believe the most current literature supports that view and this debate should finally be put to rest.”

This is Medscape’s summary of an editorial that my mentor at Indiana, wrote comparing open and robotic surgery for prostate cancer.  He has performed thousands of operations with both techniques and points out how robotic surgery does cost more, although only about $2000 more at high volume centers.

I first switched to robotic prostatectomy in 2004 and these conclusions were apparent to many surgeons that adopted and became proficient with robotic prostatectomy over a decade ago.


4 responses to “‘End of Controversy’: Robotic Prostatectomy Is Winner”

  1. Jordan Glenn Avatar

    Isn’t it sad that it takes so many years for the data to catch up to what we, as surgeons, can see it a better, safer, smarter technique from the start. Unfortunately I think much of the negative press is generator by surgeons who are unwilling, or unable to adopt the new technology. Patients need to know they have choices. Robotic surgery is on the cusp of some major breakthroughs.

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  2. Mesha Vadvana Avatar

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  3. Lisa Glackin (patients sister) Avatar
    Lisa Glackin (patients sister)

    My brother had Brain Aneurysm in 1998. Handicapped as far as left side defecit and paralysis. Walks with a cane and leg brace. Currently being cared for by my 84 year old mom. He has recently been diagnosed with Non aggressive prostate cancer. Getting ready to commit to 8 weeks 5 days a week Tomo Radiation. Has had cat scan, Going next friday the 7th to be marked for radiation. I questioned surgery they said hes been through enough and this is 100% curable with the Tomo Radiation. He is 60 years old. I was just told about Dr Savattas robotic surgery. Im wondering if thats the way to go with my brother instead of radiation. He is currently with Premier Urology in Cranford and westfield nj. What are your suggestions if any. I just dont know which way to go. Im told traditional surgery is a long and tedious recovery. Being handicapped and cared for by my 84 year old mom will be tough. I work full time and so does my husband. I will answer any questions u need to know. Thank u
    you for ur response. As Always Lisa Glackin. My brother is Michael Evanko.

  4. mubashir1 Avatar

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