Eye strain and robotics

I have noticed after several recent cases that my eyes feel dry and itchy. I think it is due to a reduced blink reflex, a well reconized problem for those working with computer monitors and sometimes called Computer Vision Syndrome.
“Research has shown that the blink rate of VDT workers dropped very significantly during work at a VDT compared to before and after work. Possible explanations for the decreased blink rate include concentration on the task or a relatively limited range of eye movements.”

I have made a point of blinking more frequently, looking away from the monitors in the console periodically and taking eye drops like Liquid Tears with me to the OR. Anyone else experiencing this problem or is it just old age (again)?
Dale Russell, MD
Scottsdale Urologic Surgeons
Addendum: since I wrote the above months ago I have found that the best solution comes about on its own as I get more comfortable with the procedure, relax (don’t stare at the screens so intently) and get my times down to around two hours on the console or less.

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  1. Coleman Joyce

    Dr. Savatta,
    Thanks for allowing me to observe your dVP cases the other day. Your skill with the da Vinci is fascinating and an exciting outlook for the future of Robotic Surgery and much better clinical outcomes for patients.
    Best Regards,
    Coleman Joyce

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