Is Robotic Radical Cystectomy an Appropriate Treatment for Bladder Cancer? Short-Term Oncologic and Clinical Follow-Up in 50 Consecutive Patients

Source: UroToday

Robotic cystectomy was performed in 40 men and 10 women at a mean age of 63.6 years. Of the 50 patients, 66% had Stage pT2 or less, 14% had pT3 disease, and 20% Stage N+ disease. No patient had positive surgical margins.

This abstract is from one of the leading centers for robotic cystectomy. They show relatively low morbidity for a major surgery. I have done about 20 cystectomies robotically and have switched almost all of my major bladder cancer surgery to this approach. I think I am performing the same oncological operation as open, but have seen less blood less and quicker recoveries.