Robotic stories for BPH- Robotic Simple Prostatectomy

I am starting a new blog series where patients can discuss their stories.
Please understand that anyone can view this and as always patient outcomes can be different.
The thoughts shared on this web site are not in any way meant to represent the surgeons, but are a way for people to share their experiences and hopefully help others.
Posts may be edited at the discretion of the moderator or deleted.
This site does not deal with direct medical advice, but rather general principles. All patients should seek advice from their own physicians.
I will leave this entry open for stories about robotic surgery for BPH.






2 responses to “Robotic stories for BPH- Robotic Simple Prostatectomy”

  1. Walter Avatar

    65 year old caucasian
    Enlarged Prostate approx 200-230 grams (benign)
    robotic surgery 11/28/06
    overall health-excellent
    I have resumed most of my daily routines minus intense exercising and sexual contact (I have experienced an erection recently) I have not attempted sex however because I am concerned that I may still have a bladder infection. I experience both discomfort and frequency while urinating,thou the discomfort improves daily.
    I am very pleased with my recovery.

  2. Walter Dunbar Avatar
    Walter Dunbar

    Update 12/28/06
    It is now one month since my surgery.
    I have successfully resumed sexual activity.
    The pain experienced during urinating has diminsihed to mild discomfort.I am currently taking Enablex. Over the past 1o years or so I have experienced(very infrequently ie less than annually a sharp pain lasting just a moment at the lowest area of my abdomin between the rectum and scrotum. Last night however, I experienced a re occurance lasting 30-60 minutes. Beginning approximately a week ago, I have noticed that I am passing blood clots and dark red color when I begin urinating. Generally, the stream is clear by the end of the flow.
    Overall, I am feeling very good. The scabs have all fallen off except perhaps the belly button incision.Dr Savatta perscribed Urelle (sp?) The pharmacy indicates the Drug is back ordered from the drug maker and will not be available until the middle of January.I do not feel an alternate is necessary for me (my opinion)
    I am very pleased with my recovery and the care and responses I have received for Dr Savatta and his staff.