Robotic Surgery Growth: August 06 update

View chart of Dr Savatta’s robotic volume
This is a monthly update on the growth of Robotic Surgery in my practice.
In August I performed 12 robotic operations. 10 were daVinci prostatetcomies for prostate cancer, 1 was a nephrectomy for cancer, and 1 was a partial nephrectomy for cancer. The total number of robotic prostatectomies I have performed is 153 and robotic operations is 194.

The main highlights included the press conference for the opening of our training center. We had considerable media coverage for the event, including a front page story in the star-ledger and my 9 news.
I also have had very impressive results from a new technique I developed to save patients erections. I use a combination of techniques from Dr Menon and Dr Ahlering that I modified that has improved short term return of erections.