Robotic Surgery Growth- Nov Update

This is an update from a previous blog entry on robotic surgery growth.
In Nov I performed 10 robotic operations and assisted Dr. Adam Kopelan with a robotic adrenalectomy. Dr. Kopelan is a general surgeon specializing in laparoscopy and one of the few robotic general surgeons. He usually assists me at the field for cases when a urologist and general surgeon are useful including robotic cystectomies, lysis of adhesions prior to prostatectomy, and laparoscopic/robotic hernia repairs in conjunction with prostatectomy.
The most significant days were:
Nov. 21- Dr Kopelan assisted me for the first robotic anterior exenteration performed in the tristate (lower NY, CT, NJ) area.
Nov 30- Dr. Galdieri assisted me in performing 3 dvps in 1 day and all were discharged within 20 hours of surgery.