Robotic surgery summary- July/August 2007

For the summer months I had the pleasure of inviting my new associate, Dr. Brent Yanke, into our practice.
We spent July together and he is now on his own performing most of his robotic surgery. He was well trained at Thomas Jefferson and had participated in over 100 robotic operations.
In July and August I performed 30 robotic surgeries, including 22 dvPs, a pyeloplasty, 3 nephrectomies, 1 nephro-ureterectomy, a lymph node dissection for testicular cancer, a simple prostatectomy, and a nerve-sparing cysto-prostatetcomy and neobladder for bladder cancer.
The most important accomplishment was the bladder cancer operation. This was the first time that I have made a new bladder with the robot. Our patient had only a small incision in the lower abdomen to remove the specimen and went home in 3 days.