Sexual function after prostate removal

I am frequently asked about the changes to fluid that comes out of the penis during sexual activity and about the ability to have children.

Many years ago I described the changes for men to expect after prostatectomy for cancer.

Normally the testicles make sperm that travels through the vas deferens to reach the prostate where it mixes with most of the fluid from the prostate to make the ejaculate.

male reproductive picture

If you have a vasectomy, the vas defers is clipped so that sperm can not enter the prostate area and you become sterile.  The amount of ejaculate during sexual activity remains the same.

With prostate removal, the ejaculate which is made from fluid from the prostate and seminal vesicles is also missing.  Men can have an orgasm, but there will be no fluid that comes out with the orgasm as normal.

There may be a small amount of fluid that is thick that comes out during the excitement phase as before.

Some men also experience leakage of urine that comes from the bladder during the excitement or orgasm stage of sexual activity.