Robotic failure during surgery

Robot failure during radical prostatectomies is ‘extremely rare’ – Failure rates will continue to shrink as technology advances – UrologyTimes

The study team recorded critical failures in 20 cases (0.3%) leading to the cancellation of 10 procedures and conversion to laparoscopic in one case and to open procedure in nine cases. Recoverable failures were more frequent, occurring in 124 instances (1.9%). The most common malfunctions or failures occurred in the optical system and in the surgical arms. Failure of the master system or power system was less common.

Dr. Patel did not ask me to be in this studay, but my experience is simlar. I have 2 failures during my robotic surgery cases. 1 was during a kidney removal operation and we converted to laparoscopy.

The other was during a prostate removal when we brough in one of the other 2 robots. Thats 2 in almost 500 operations.

We also had 1 cancellation, 1 delayed start, and 2 other cases that were done with only 3 arms.

I would call that 2 major problems and 4 minor problems.