Robotic Kidney removal: Robotic Growth Sep 2006

Robotic surgery growth chart
In September I performed 15 robotic operations.
We had a patient that travelled the farthest to date to have surgery at Newark Beth Israel. He came from Italy for a robotic prostatectomy and flew home after 15 days with minimal problems.
I also performed 6 kidney operations for cancer. One was removing part of a kidney, 4 were removing the whole kidney and 1 involved removing a kidney, ureter, and part of a bladder.
The latter operation truly showed how useful robotic surgery can be. The gentleman is 80 years old and was very anemic to start with. He had prior surgery and radiation in areas that needed to be removed. He was also very anemic and was able to go home 3 days after the surgery without prescription pain pills and without needing a blood transfusion. Prior to robotics I would have done the bladder part of the operation open which would have meant a blood transfusion and a longer hospital stay.

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