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  • Better patient counseling needed on post-RP erectile function – – UrologyTimes

    Acting on anecdotal evidence, Dr. Nelson and his co-authors, Peter Scardino, MD, and John P. Mulhall, MD, assessed the erectile function of 250 men average age, 59±8 years pre- and post-radical prostatectomy. Of the men with baseline erectile function scores ≥24 mild to no dysfunction, about one-third 32% regained function; however, well over half 60% […]

  • Sexual life after prostate removal

    This post is for all the men who have prostate cancer or are worried about prostate cancer. One of the most feared side effects of therapy for prostate cancer is the impact on sexual health. Hopefully this will give men a better idea of what to expect and take some of the fear of the […]

  • ED and the Veil of Aphrodite

    Dr. Menon gave a presentation at the Pacific Rim Robotics Conference on nerve preservation and the anatomical concept that he has named the veil of Aphrodite. After first reviewing the history of impotence after radical prostatectomy he described the latest modification of his techniques, which he claims further improves the preservation of potency. Originally, of […]