Readmission Due to Infection After Bladder Surgery Linked to Smoking

Current smoking is independently associated with a greater than 2-fold increased odds of hospital readmission after radical cystectomy.

Infectious complications account for almost half of the readmissions following radical cystectomy (RC), and the risk for these complications is linked to current smoking, according to a new study.

Source: Readmission Due to Infection After Bladder Surgery Linked to Smoking

This study pertains to patients undergoing a radical cystectomy for bladder cancer.  It looked at data from their institution that is collected for quality purposes.  We have seen similar trends in infections related to smoking at our facility.  We have also seen poor diabetic control as a large factor in preventing postoperative complications including infections.

Patients and their physicians should keep this in mind if they are to have a surgical procedure.  If smokers can quit prior to their procedure it will help them have a safer recovery and patients should try to have the best control of their sugars if they have diabetes.

Smokers have increased risk of bladder cancer after radiation therapy for prostate cancer

A presentation at the AUA Western section meeting was reviewed in the Urology Times November 2005 issue:
UT article: Smokers face higher risk of TCC after radiation
Patients that have a history of smoking are 13 more likely to get bladder cancer (transitional cell cancer) after radiation as compared to patients who get radiation and have not smoked.

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