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Dr.Kattlove’s Cancer Blog:

If you have prostate cancer, that isn’t a bad idea.
Recently surgeons from Detroit’s Henry Ford Hospitals reported their
outcomes using the da Vinci robotic system in over 2500 men (European
Urology 2007;51:648-58). With the da Vinci, which has been in use in the
U.S. for prostate cancer surgery since 2000, the surgeon doesn’t actually
do any cutting – he or she just turns dials. The instrument, which has
telescopic lenses for super vision and lots of little arms for cutting and
suturing, actually does the surgery. Also, instead of an incision,
everything is done through 6 tiny holes. The instruments and telescopes
are passed through the holes to do their work.

Dr. Kattlove is a little off with some of his takes on robotics, but it is nice to see an experienced medical oncologist start blogging. I look forward to reading his blog. Welcome.