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  • Saw palmetto vitamin

    Our large practice urology group has partnered with theralogix, a vitamin company to offer patients products that have been shown in study to help with various conditions. Prostate SR is a pharmaceutical-grade saw palmetto extract and phytosterol blend (beta-sitosterol), designed to promote normal urinary tract function in men. You can find more information and ordered […]

  • Endoscopic simple prostatectomy – Abstract

    Endoscopic simple prostatectomy – Abstract. This review looked at minimally invasive treatments for patients that have urinary obstruction from very large patients. Traditionally open surgery was done since procedures done through the natural urinary opening often did not have goo long term results. Laparoscopic adenomectomy (LA) and robotic-assisted simple prostatectomy (RASP) have been performed for […]

  • Radical Prostatectomy May Prevent LUTS Progression – Renal and Urology News

    A prospective study of 1,788 men who underwent RP found that men who had clinically significant LUTS preoperatively experienced a decline in LUTS severity and remained stable over a 10-year interval, researchers reported. Prior studies have shown a progressive increase in LUTS for aging men with an intact prostate. via Radical Prostatectomy May Prevent LUTS […]

  • FDA committee votes down 5-ARIs for prostate cancer risk reduction – – UrologyTimes

    “Although the REDUCE trial demonstrated a risk reduction in a large number of men, the committee chose to focus on a small number of high-grade cancers and determined that this class of drugs is inappropriate for prostate cancer risk reduction, even in the population of men with elevated PSA and previous negative biopsy,” added Dr. […]

  • Testosterone and prostate size

    Testosterone makes prostates grow larger and makes prostate cancer grow more quickly. I came across a study that looks at prostate size and testosterone levels: clipped from Relationship between Serum Testosterone and Measures of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia in Aging Men – Abstract In our study, the serum testosterone levels in aging men did not […]

  • Laparoscopy for BPH therapy

    Lap technique may play a role in treating BPH – UrologyTimes Berlin—A laparoscopic preperitoneal approach cannot only serve as a teaching platform for laparoscopic skills for surgeons, but it also demonstrates reproducible outcomes in the treatment of BPH, according to Belgian researchers who presented their results at the European Association of Urology annual congress here. […]

  • Robotic stories for BPH- Robotic Simple Prostatectomy

    I am starting a new blog series where patients can discuss their stories. Please understand that anyone can view this and as always patient outcomes can be different. The thoughts shared on this web site are not in any way meant to represent the surgeons, but are a way for people to share their experiences […]

  • Robotic Simple Prostatectomy- Robotic surgery for BPH

    There are many forms of therapy for BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia). Prostates that are very large respond poorly long term to minimally invasive therapies. Robotic simple prostatectomy is the newest therapy for large prostates. BPH involves growth of the middle part of the prostate. The treatment involves removal of this part called the adenoma.