Author: Dr Savatta

  • Coronavirus: My weekly review

    3/21 Update- #WhatDidYouDo when the world stopped in 2020 This is the 22nd day of my preparedness and attempt to educate everyone about the coronavirus. I am trying to update people about the reality that we are likely about to face. I have counseled countless people, patients, friends, and leaders of the private and public […]

  • TownHall with my Assemblyman I was honored to be the guest of my Assemblyman Jon Bramnick. My friend and infectious disease expert, Dr Juan Baez was on the phone with us. Watch the townhall for important info. I will plan on having my own Q&A on coronavirus in the near future. The main point was that the coronavirus […]

  • The reason the world is shutting down

    Many people are finding it hard to understand the alarm and the unprecedented closures we have been seeing around the world. You can see how many people are getting sick from the coronavirus or the daily cases in countries and states I have been tracking. It’s hard for people to understand exponential growth. […]

  • Latest Dietary Advice for Prostate Cancer – Renal and Urology News

    A range of foods, nutrients, and dietary patterns are being studied for prostate cancer prevention or treatment, according to a 2015 research review. Source: Latest Dietary Advice for Prostate Cancer – Renal and Urology News While the ideal diet prescription has yet to be determined, the investigators suggest counseling men with these tips, in line […]

  • LUGPA position aims to clarify prostate cancer screening | Urology Times

    In an attempt to clarify what it calls conflicting guideline statements on prostate cancer screening from various organizations, the Large Urology Group Practice Association (LUGPA) has issued its own position on the use of the PSA test as a screening tool. “Unfortunately, these conflicting statements have resulted in confusion amongst both our patients and fellow […]