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  • The Wall Street Journal joins the medical blogging community

    Health Blog: Welcome to the Journal’s Health Blog From the skyrocketing costs of new drugs to showdowns over who should pay for health care to consumers’ confusion over their own medical bills, the pressures facing the health-care system have never been greater. Or more interesting.

  • Dr. Savatta’s personal blog

    Thoughts from a robotic surgeon I have started this blog to express some of my personal thoughts. I started the robotic surgery blog (http://www.roboticsurgeryblog/) 16 months ago and will still write there along with several other robotic surgeons. I wanted a forum that I could share my more personal thoughts, some maybe controversial or personal. […]

  • Welcome to a medical oncology blogger

    Dr.Kattlove’s Cancer Blog: If you have prostate cancer, that isn’t a bad idea. Recently surgeons from Detroit’s Henry Ford Hospitals reported their outcomes using the da Vinci robotic system in over 2500 men (European Urology 2007;51:648-58). With the da Vinci, which has been in use in the U.S. for prostate cancer surgery since 2000, the […]

  • Choosing a prostate cancer therapy option for a patient who doesn’t have the capacity to understand the options

    UroStream: Does not read When I first saw this patient, there was a note in the chart from the front desk saying “patient does not read”. I asked if this was a deliberate decision from the patient, or whether they had meant to say that the patient was illiterate and could not read. Unfortunately, the […]

  • Excellent medical blog- From an excellent hospital’s CEO

    Running a hospital blog entry: da Vinci Uncoded — or, Surgical Robots Unite! Here you have it folks — the problem facing every hospital, and especially every academic medical center. Do I spend over $1 million on a machine that has no proven incremental value for patients, so that our doctors can become adept at […]

  • Subscribe to individual entries to keep track of what others say

    I am very pleased to announce a very nice upgrade to the robotic surgery blog. I have installed a plugin that allows users who make comments to blog entries to subscribe to that entry. You can then receive an email if someone else makes additional comments. You will get an email to confirm that you […]

  • New urology blogger

    A friend and colleague of mine has joined the blogging world. Dr. Marc Greenstein has performed many robotic surgeries with me including robotic prostatectomies, nephrectomies, partial nephrectomies, and a bladder diverticulectomy at Newark Beth Israel. He is a leader in laparoscopic and minimally invasive urology at St. Claire’s hospital in Denviile, NJ. You can read […]

  • This week's grand rounds

    Grand Rounds 2:39 is up at Dr. Deborah Serani Blog

  • Uro Stream- Urology Blog by keagirl

    Scouting the blog world, I found an excellent blog from another urologist: Uro Stream: RANDOM THOUGHTS AND RANTS FROM YOUR FRIENDLY UROLOGIST keagirl Occupation: Urologist Location: A Big City, USA About Me I’m convinced that I am a frustrated veterinarian at heart. However, my unfortunate allergies to most rodents, felines and equines led me to […]

  • Grand Rounds for 1/24/2006

    Kevin, MD hosts this weeks grand rounds: Welcome to Grand Rounds, the weekly best the medical blogosphere has to offer, and a hello to all the new readers from WebMD. I’m honored to be hosting for the third time – it has come a long way since Kevin, M.D. last hosted way back in 2004.